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MARINA announces new album 'Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land'

Photo: Coughs

After the enormous success of her highly-praised 2019 double LP 'LOVE + FEAR', MARINA has now announced her plans for her next studio album 'Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land', which is out on the 11th June.

Including the previously shared track 'Man's World', alongside the new lead single 'Purge The Poison', her fifth full-length sees her return with some of her most adventurous work to date.

Check out the Weird Life Films-directed video for 'Purge The Poison' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Ancient Dreams In A Modern World' Tracklist:

1. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

2. Venus Fly Trap

3. Man’s World

4. Purge The Poison

5. Highly Emotional People

6. New America

7. Pandora’s Box

8. I Love You But I Love Me More

9. Flowers

10. Goodbye


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