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GET TO KNOW: Starita

Having already cemented himself with a flurry of rich and enigmatic delights these last few years, progressive producer Starita returns to the fold once again to deliver his immersive new single 'Holding Pattern'.

Capturing more of that broad and kinetic electronic aesthetic he has been building for himself recently, 'Holding Pattern' makes for an incredibly bright and innovative listen. With its warm and engaging textures, shimmering atmosphere, and infectious beats layered throughout, he continues to shine on this vibrant new outing.

So with the new single available to stream now, we sat down with him to find out more about his origins and influences over the years.


What was the first band or artist you fell in love with?

Being raised in a small town in Mississippi I fell in love with the fiddle so Charlie Daniels Band was my first obsession as a 5yo child. That turned around after hearing Prince in 2nd grade whom I then began listening to non-stop along with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. I had quite the eclectic taste even as a child so I guess that would explain my love for producing all genres of music.

Did you ever form a band when you were younger and if so, what did they sound like?

It was the early 90s and at that time I had been playing guitar for a couple years. A group of friends and I formed a band called Trinity which, funny enough, consisted of 5 members LOL! Again, it was the 90s, so we sounded like a mix between Guns n’ Roses and Pearl Jam…. some of the best times in life for sure. We played the small town festival and a few house concerts but as many things do in high school, it kind of faded away as we got older.

What has been your primary inspiration in writing music?

My process starts with channeling where I pick up an instrument and begin playing spontaneously. Whether it be guitar, piano or even starting a sequence on an analog synth I just go with whatever is flowing in the moment. I try to keep the mind out of the equation so the music can just flow naturally. Only after an idea has taken shape does a theme or emotion show itself as the source of where the music came from. Once it shows itself, I then expound upon the theme or emotion sonically until I feel like I have expressed it fully.

What is a song you wish you had written yourself?

‘Landslide’ written by Stevie Nicks and performed by Fleetwood Mac. Probably one of the best songs ever written in my book.

If there was any moment in your career you could relive, what would it be?

Working with Phife Dawg on the last A Tribe Called Quest album and his posthumous album was definitely a highlight of my career. Although, DJing raves and clubs through the 90s and 2000s is something I loved immensely. There is nothing like that kind of energy.

Which artist would you most love to share a stage with?

It’s a toss up between Orbital and Jamiroquai!

And is there an artist you would love to collaborate with as well?

I’ve checked several off the list but Orbital, Jamiroquai, Seal and Lenny Kravitz are what is left. So, if any of them call after this interview, feel free to pass along my info!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Honestly, part of my practice is to keep the mind in the present moment so, I really don’t see myself in the future nor do I entertain the thought much. Whatever and wherever I am in 5 years will be exactly where I’m supposed to BE.


Starita's new single 'Holding Pattern' is available to stream now. Check it out below.


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