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ROS!E - 'Pretty Lil' Lies'

After spending the last few years building and cultivating her sound with a string on inventive delights, German artist ROS!E is now looking to kick off her new year in style as she drops the powerful new anthem 'Pretty Lil' Lies'.

Channelling a bold and driven approach to the electro-pop sound that pits her distinctive vocals against a glittering production from start to finish, 'Pretty Lil' Lies' makes for a wonderfully vibrant listen. Filled with raw and euphoric textures, a pulsing atmosphere, and her shimmering persona layered throughout, she is certainly looking to make an impact with this one.

While she may have only just started her career in the last year, 'Pretty Lil' Lies' shows that she is brimming with fresh and adventurous ideas. With such a strong and confident approach to her sound, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take her next.

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