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GET TO KNOW: Antonia K. Moore

After originally breaking through with her stunning debut single 'Hedonistic Optomist' in 2022, emerging artist Antonia K. Moore is back on the grind once again to deliver her vibrant new offering 'Elizabeth Taylor'.

Channelling more of that broad and immersive alt-pop aesthetic she is building for herself, 'Elizabeth Taylor' makes for a dazzling return to form. With its bold and driven textures perfectly elevating her dynamic vocals throughout, she is certainly one to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.

So with the new track out now, we sat down with her to find out more about her origins and influences over the years.

What was the first band or artist you fell in love with?

The soundtracks to movies I'd watch. The first soundtrack was Pretty Woman. I Loved all the music on that. Stealing Beauty was another great soundtrack. I had so many. I have to say I was a big Madonna fan. Love Bedtime Stories and the Ray of Light albums. I'm also a big fan of The Doors, Sone Rosed and Radiohead plus many more but it was Billy Eilish that finally inspired me to get started in music.

Did you ever form a band when you were younger and if so, what did they sound like?

No, I didn't. I always wanted to but I was too shy to sing!

What has been your primary inspiration in writing music?

I was good at poetry as a kid. I have always had ideas for songs, lyrics or melodies floating around my mind. I just didn't know how to produce them. I let it go for a few years but I continued to have different creative ideas and concepts. I just decided one day “fuck it” Life is too short to leave your ideas at the door. I don't want to in the future think, “what “if” I want to say “ I did it” and even if nothing comes of them I am glad I got my ideas out there.

What is a song you wish you had written yourself?

Billy Elish “Bad Girl” Madonna “Vogue” Queen “Boheium Rapisidy” All the music! It's hard to pick one!

If there was any moment in your career you could relive, what would it be?

Well, this is a pre-music-career I met Amy Winehouse and Briney Spears on two separate occasions. I would have got a photo with them. Other than that my music career hasn't even begun yet. I hope to release a few more tracks, get into DJing and play some festivals.

Which artist would you most love to share a stage with?

That's a hard one. There are so many amazing artists out there. Let thow on out… Britney Spears!

And is there an artist you would love to collaborate with as well?

I would love to collaborate with Belters Only, DJs Bissett and RobbieG, who worked with Jazzy on the song “Make Me Feel Good”. I'd love to do something with Carl Cox, who I also met years ago, he is a genuine Gent, and he would be amazing to work with!  Again it's so hard to think off the top of your head. It's a big question.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Playing festivals and DJing in Ibiza!!

Antonia K. Moore's new single 'Elizabeth Taylor' is out now. Listen to it below.


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