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After making a huge impact with his breakthrough single 'Don't Wanna Lose' back in August, LA-based producer AJ Hazel returns once again with his vibrant new offering 'I'm So Fly'.

Bringing back more of that bright and infectious house direction he is cultivating for himself, 'I'm So Fly' makes for a brilliantly catchy listen. Filled with bouncing beats, killer basslines, and shimmering hooks throughout, this new release is another powerful addition to his ever-growing catalogue of late.

So with the new single available now, we sat down with him to find out more about his origins and influences over the years.

What was the first band or artist you fell in love with?

Funny enough, but when I was a kid I had a portable cassette player that I used to listen to Bow Wow on all the time. I think naturally I was inspired seeing someone around my age making good music. When you experience something like this so young, it can break down any physical/mental barriers you can have about getting involved in music.

Did you ever form a band when you were younger and if so, what did they sound like?

Me and my brothers used to rap on beats when we were younger. We have a few songs that were not the best but we had a lot of fun making them. Those moments were really special to me because to this day I still remember most of the lyrics.

What has been your primary inspiration in writing music?

I have two main inspirations. The first came from when I was in college. During this time, there were a lot of crazy life events happening all around the world and it felt like so many people were increasingly becoming disconnected from each other. Back in 2015, I had attended Coachella for the first time and being at that event, I felt so much love and energy which was totally different than what I was experiencing elsewhere. I knew at that moment that for a lot of people, being at that show was a way to disengage from all the negativity and to try to be happy. From then on, I knew I wanted to create music not only to help people escape from what they could be going through but to see the joy people receive from my music on stage.

What is a song you wish you had written yourself?

I've never really thought about this before, but if I had to chose someone else's work that I wish I could take credit for would be anything by Sam Gellaitry or Kaytranada. Back in like 2012-2017, those guys were some of my favorite artists and they inspired me a lot.

If there was any moment in your career you could relive, what would it be?

I wish I could relive my first DJ gig at the Victorian in Los Angeles. It was an amazing moment to say the least. Got to turn up on stage with all my friends.

Which artist would you most love to share a stage with?

At this very moment, I think John Summit would be dope to share the stage with!

And is there an artist you would love to collaborate with as well?

Well besides John Summit, I would also like to collaborate with someone like Zhu, Diplo or Walker & Royce.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Honestly, I see myself on tour ripping stages with a diverse catalog of music. That's my dream that I hope to live some day.


AJ Hazel's new single 'I'm So Fly' is available to stream now. Check it out below.


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