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Bloxx announce new EP 'Pop Culture Radio'

Following up the release of their much-loved debut album 'Lie Out Loud' in August last year, Bloxx have now announced their plans for their new EP 'Pop Culture Radio', which is out on the 13th August via Chess Club Records.

The new four-track collection will include the previously shared single 'Everything I've Ever Learned', and is being previewed by the new track 'Magnet'.

Speaking about the new offering, lead singer Fee Booth said, "Other than having the best bass riff I ever wrote, 'Magnet' is a bit of a juxtaposition. It tackles both the opposite attraction of magnets (South to North Pole) and the way the same two poles will repel against each other. It’s about being always “pulled” apart by someone and the way you clash, but always want to keep trying."

Have a listen to 'Magnet' and see the EP's full tracklisting below.

'Pop Culture Radio' Tracklist:

1. Everything I've Ever Learned

2. Magnet

3. Pop Culture Radio

4. Emily


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