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Ally Cribb - 'End Of August'

After releasing her highly-praised debut EP 'Unbroken' last year, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Ally Cribb is now looking to showcase her recent collection with the official video for one of the release's standout offerings, 'End Of August'.

Capturing the sweet and emotive nature of the original release, the new video for 'End Of August' makes for a beautifully warm and tender watch. Combining footage of intimate moments over the last year with her own captivating presence threaded throughout, these new visuals add more levity and a passionate nature to what was always a wondrous offering.

While the track has been floating around for sometime now, the new video revives its alluring ways and gives it a whole new lease of life. Brimming with heartfelt emotion throughout, we can't wait to hear what else Ally has been working on since then as well.

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