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XOLEX - 'Ain't Buyin' It'

After originally breaking through with her highly-praised initial offerings 'SNAKESKIN' and 'Hungover On You' in recent years, Nashville-based artist XOLEX returns for 2023 to deliver her euphoric new single 'Ain't Buyin' It'.

Honing a fresh and jubilant country-inspired blues-rock aesthetic this time around, 'Ain't Buyin' It' makes for an incredibly fun and upbeat listen. With her bold and soaring vocals layered across a raw guitar-driven production from start to finish, she is returning for the new year with one of her most impactful cuts to date.

While she has certainly cemented herself on the scene in recent years, 'Ain't Buyin' It' looks set to become her biggest anthem so far. With such a strong and dynamic approach to her sound, we can't wait to hear what she comes back with next.

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