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Vistas drop new single 'Bad Idea'

With their eagerly-awaited new album 'Is This All We Are?' out on the 29th September, Vistas have now dropped yet another cut lifted from their forthcoming full-length.

The new single 'Bad Idea' follows on from the previously shared 'Nowadays', 'Last Together', 'I Know I Know' and the record's title-track in previewing their third LP.

Speaking about the new offering, vocalist Prentice Robertson said,"I wrote it at a time when I was feeling a bit disheartened with the music industry in general and annoyed at some of the people you meet being involved in it. In a broader sense, the song is about those conversations you have with someone and in the back of your mind you're thinking 'what are you actually on about here?'. This doesn't just happen in music and I'm sure we've all left a chat with someone thinking everything they said was complete nonsense. I guess I had been having a few conversations like that around the time of writing the tune and that's what inspired it.

"The original demo of the song had this big 'Baba O'Riley'-esque opening which we stripped away in the final version. I'm dead pleased with this tune and it reminds me of driving music a main character in a film would have blasting out of their car speakers."


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