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Vistas announce new album 'Is This All We Are?'

After the release of their much-loved EP 'The Beautiful Nothing' at the start of the year, Vistas have now announced their plans for their next studio album 'Is This All We Are?', which is set to be released on the 15th September.

The new full-length will include the previously shared effort 'Last Together', and is being previewed by the stunning title-track.

Speaking about the new offering, the band said, “‘Is This All We Are?’ was one of the earliest tracks written for the album and that central question posed in the title informed the theme of the entire record. It is essentially asking the question of: ‘What is the meaning of our time on earth?’, but the song is left open ended and doesn’t try to provide any answers.”

Check out the new single 'Is This All We Are?' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Is This All We Are? Tracklist:

1. 'Cruel Hearts'

2. 'Bad Idea'

3. 'Dopamine'

4. 'Nowadays'

5. 'Last Together'

6. 'Is This All We Are?'

7. 'I Know I Know'

8. 'Sleeping With The Light On'

9. 'The Garden'

10. 'A Hit Of Heaven'

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