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VISSIA - 'Doorway'

After the enormous response to her highly-praised studio album 'With Pleasure' in 2021, Canadian artist VISSIA is now looking to highlight one of the record's standout offerings 'Doorway' with the release of its new video.

As the opening track to her most recent full-length, 'Doorway' stands as a wonderfully rich and emotive outing. Now coupled with a wonderfully cinematic set of visuals that adds a new and versatile layer to the original song, she is continuing to cement herself as one of the more adventurous and innovative names on the rise right now.

While the new video arrives almost two years after it was originally released, 'Doorway' has this incredible passionate appeal to it that is now heightened by its stunning accompaniment. Brimming with a fun and expressive appearance, we can't wait to hear what else she has planned next.


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