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Love Ghost x Cinnamon Babe - 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?'

Having already made his mark as one of the more diverse and enigmatic names doing the rounds right now, Love Ghost continues that adventurous nature once again with his anthemic new single 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?'

Teaming up with Cinnamon Babe for this new release, the pair make light work of this bold and driven alt-rock belter. Filled with killer hooks, a pulsing atmosphere, and vibrant vocals at every turn, 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?' stands as one of the more impactful entries in his ever-growing catalogue of late.

While it has certainly been a busy time for him lately, 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?' feels like the beginning of the next phase within his musical evolution. Harder and faster than ever before, he is certainly looking to turn some heads with this one.


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