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The Wytches announce new album 'Our Guest Can't Be Named'

Photo: Emma Swann

After the release of their highly-praised 2020 LP 'Three Mile Ditch', The Wytches have now announced their plans for their new studio album 'Our Guest Can't Be Named', which is set to be released on the 22nd September via their new home on Alcopop! Records.

The new full-length is being previewed by the new lead single 'Maria', which comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Mark Breed.

Speaking about the new offering, frontman Kristian Bell said, “Maria was the first track we put down for the new album, but it’s actually an older song. We used to play this song live quite a lot and originally recorded it in a church in Liverpool with Bill Ryder Jones. It wasn’t really ready back then but we never became fed up with the song and its simplicity.

“While we were getting together a set list for a tour a couple years ago we realised we loved playing that song and were all unsure as to why we didn’t put out when it was written. Maybe it didn’t fit in with what we were going for at the time. Most of the tracks from the new album are based around the loss of identity. Lyrically this track fits in with that theme so it felt like the song finally found its place.”


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