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The Will McBride Group - 'Hit Song'

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Having already made a strong and lasting impression on the scene these last few years, North Carolina's The Will McBride Group are looking to keep the vibes high once again as they return with the shimmering new single 'Hit Song'.

Capturing a wonderfully heady mix of soul, funk, and psychedelica for their newest outing, 'Hit Song' makes for a wondrous return to form for the band. With its bright and infectious grooves, soaring atmosphere, and stellar hooks layered throughout, they are continuing to brighten our days with this jubilant new jam.

While they have certainly looked to bring something new and inventive to the world in recent years, 'Hit Song' shows that they are still brimming with plenty of fresh and tantalising ideas. With such a firm and focused approach to their direction, be ready to shake your hips from start to finish here.


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