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The Coral team up with Cillian Murphy on 'Oceans Apart'

With their two new albums 'Sea Of Mirrors' and 'Holy Joe’s Coral Island Medicine Show' set to arrive on the 8th September via Run On Records in assoc. with Modern Sky UK, The Coral have now delivered the next cut to be lifted from their upcoming collections.

The new single 'Oceans Apart' sees them team up with renowned actor Cillian Murphy for the release, previewing the first of their new LPs.

Speaking about the new offering, the band's singer and songwriter James Skelly adds, “Once everybody had put their parts on the track. Sean suggested we have some dialogue over the outro and said he’d done the soundtrack to Cillian Murphy’s first film, so he had a contact. A few weeks later I got an email from Cillian saying he was a fan and would be up for helping us.

“We discussed the character and how I saw it as a once great star like Buster Keaton or Bella Lagosi on the set of a low-budget B movie, looking back thinking: ‘How did I get here?’ I sent him what Nick had written and then left it up to him to do his thing and when we put what he sent us over the music it fitted perfectly.”


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