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Spector return with new single 'The Notion'

After the release of their highly-praised studio album 'Now Or Whenever' and follow-up single 'Felony' last year, Spector have now returned to share their brand new single 'The Notion'.

The new track marks their first piece of new material for 2023, and was produced by previous Spector collaborator Dimitri Tikovoi, mixed by Catherine Marks, and features a guitar solo courtesy of Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange.

Speaking about the new offering, the band's Fred Macpherson said, "We started The Notion on a spare day we had in Liverpool during the Now or Whenever sessions. It’s been on a real journey since, with Jed coming up with these early Four Tet style guitar loops, which have a really hypnotic feel I love. Then Dev Hynes came to the studio to hear some stuff and ended up free styling the solo in one take. I was worried he’d blown a speaker at one point. Lyrically it’s kind of a letter to one’s younger self - a reminder that repressing feelings and emotions is a dangerous precedent, and however bad (or good) things get, nothing is forever. It interpolates various parties, arguments, depressions and a Star Wars quote for good measure.”

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