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Shame preview their new album with 'Nigel Hitter'

As the punk upstarts prepare to release their second studio album next week, Shame are back to deliver another brilliant offering in the form of 'Nigel Hitter'.

Following on from their previously shared tracks 'Snow Day', 'Water In The Well' and 'Alphabet', 'Nigel Hitter' continues more of that brash and energetic form they have been bringing to all of their cut of late.

Adding about the release, frontman Charlie Steen said, "'Nigel Hitter' is one of the vital organs of 'Drunk Tank Pink'. A necessary pulse. Focused on daily routine, repetition, and how extraordinary any ordinary task seemed to me after coming home from touring. A world of percussion and joy lies within."

Shame's sophomore album 'Drunk Tank Pink' is out on the 15th January through Dean Oceans, and you can watch the new video for 'Nigel Hitter' below.


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