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Sano Hill - 'Sing Out Loud'

After delighting us with a rich and dynamic array of releases these last few months, including 'CircleWalk' and 'Starting Over', Irish singer-songwriter Sano Hill continues his upward ascent as he delivers his rousing new offering 'Sing Out Loud'.

Lifted from his forthcoming studio album 'If Not Now, When?', which is set to be released soon, 'Sing Out Loud' offers up another heady dose of bright and romantically-charged indie-rock joy. With his fresh and soaring vocals riding a bed of bold and driven production throughout, he is once again capturing a beautifully warm aesthetic with this one.

While his recent efforts have certainly captured our attention, there is something about 'Sing Out Loud' that feels like another bold step forward for the artist at the helm. With such a strong and confident approach to his songwriting, we can't wait to hear what this new album has in store for us as well.


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