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Sano Hill - 'Feel Love'

Photo: EL Putnam

Having already impressed us with a flurry of rich and shimmering delights throughout the year so far, including his recent gems 'CircleWalk', 'Starting Over', and 'Sing Out Loud', Irish singer-songwriter Sano Hill is now looking to cap off his 2022 with the vibrant new offering 'Feel Love'.

Opting for a warm and groove-laden direction this time around, 'Feel Love' marks a wonderfully vivid entry in his growing catalogue to date. Brimming with sweet and tender textures, a woozy atmosphere, and his own heartfelt vocals layered from start to finish, he has quickly become one of our most beloved new names of the year.

While his outings throughout the last few months have always been consistently engaging, 'Feel Love' shows that he still has plenty of fire burning within him. With such a progressive approach to his sound, we can't wait to hear what he has in store for us in the new year as well.


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