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S.J. Armstrong - 'Silver Days'

After recently reviving his dynamic direction with the stunning comeback singles 'Summer Sunshine' and 'Designing A Spacecraft' in the last few months, Seattle's S.J. Armstrong is continuing that vibrant rise once again as he drops the sweeping new offering 'Silver Days'.

Lifted from his eagerly-awaited sophomore album, which is due to arrive in November, 'Silver Days' hones more of that shimmering indie-rock sound he has been building for himself over the years. With his bright and dreamy voice spread across an uplifting guitar-led production from start to finish, he is establishing himself as a true innovator on the scene right now.

While his previous LP 'The Narrow Coast' certainly built the solid foundations he has been developing recently, 'Silver Days' shows that he has far more creative flair than we could have hoped for. With such a firm and confident hold over his direction throughout, we can't wait to hear what this new record has in store for us as well.

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