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RISE - 'Here I Am'

After introducing themselves to the fold with their captivating debut EP 'Memories And Possibilities' earlier this year, Liverpool-based outfit RISE are back on the grind once again to deliver their anthemic new single 'Here I Am'.

Bringing back more of that bold and euphoric alt-rock energy they are quickly earning a reputation for, 'Here I Am' makes for an incredibly absorbing listen throughout. With its warm and uplifting textures set to some wondrous vocals from start to finish, they continue to shine as one of the more exciting names emerging right now.

While they may still be within the infancy of their career right now, 'Here I Am' shows exactly why they have already made such a strong impression with their releases so far. With such a vibrant approach to their sound at every turn, they are definitely ones to keep a firm eye on for the future as well.


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