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Patrick Doval - 'Back Home'

Photo: Robert G Zuckerman

With his previous studio album 'Broken' maintaining his reputation for fresh and dynamic delights, Miami's Patrick Doval is now back on the grind once again as he shares his explosive new single 'Back Home'.

Joining forces with drummer Pete Parada, best known for his work in The Offspring, 'Back Home' sees him deliver more of that raw and driven alt-rock aesthetic he has been dabbling with since he first emerged. Shining with a bright and infectious energy at every turn, this new outing sees him return to the fold with one of his most passionate efforts yet.

Although it has been a few years since his last full-length release, 'Back Home' proves he is still brimming with bold and electrifying textures at every turn. With rarely a moment that isn't packed with enigmatic flavour, his comeback is certainly in full swing right now.

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