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Mira Sthira - 'Rip Tides' (Mikheil Remix)

After recently returning to deliver her much-loved offering 'Rip Tides' at the end of June, fast-rising Bath-based artist Mira Sthira is back once again to deliver the explosive Mikheil remix of her latest release.

Combining her broad and immersive direction with a thunderous beat throughout this new effort, this new rework of 'Rip Tides' makes for a wonderfully immersive listen. With her rich and captivating vocals layered across a powerful production throughout, this new outing brings new life to her recently unveiled stunner.

While she has certainly looked to develop a broad and fascinating array of releases in recent months, this Mikheil remix of 'Rip Tides' certainly establishes her as a fresh and interesting name on the rise right now. With such a progressive approach to its sound, she is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead.


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