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Maggie Rogers drops new single 'Horses'

Photo: S. Holden Jaffe

As we eagerly await the release of her new album 'Surrender', which is out on the 29th July via Polydor, Maggie Rogers has now unveiled the next cut to be lifted from her forthcoming full-length.

The new single 'Horses' was co-produced by Kid Harpoon and Maggie Rogers, and follows on from the previously shared tracks 'Want Want' and 'That's Where I Am' in previewing her new LP.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “There’s been only a few, rare times in my life when two songs have appeared in the same day. And only one time when three songs came at once. This was the case with Horses. I was at Real World Studios with my dearest collaborator, Kid Harpoon. On day one, I sat down at the piano and he sat down at the drums and ‘Overdrive’ came pouring out. I knew immediately it would be the opening track of the record. We started day two with ‘That’s Where I Am,’ caught ‘I’ve Got A Friend’ after lunch, and came back for ‘Horses’after dinner and a glass or two of wine. Tom started playing guitar and immediately I started writing. I looked up to ask him what he thought and he simply said, ‘keep going.’ I wondered if maybe it was time to call it a night and he simply said, ‘keep going.’ When I finished the words, I suggested we record in the morning and he said, ‘give it one take.’ That take is ‘Horses.’ It’s a song about letting go. About wanting to feel free in a time where I felt an overwhelming amount of numbness. Sometimes I’m singing to a loved one, sometimes a friend. Sometimes I think I’m singing to myself. And I love that I can’t always tell the difference.”


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