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Love Ghost x Ritorukai - 'Human Error 404'

After an already incredibly broad and diverse array of releases under his belt this year, Los Angeles-based artist Love Ghost is still working harder than ever as he returns with the vibrant new single 'Human Error 404'.

Teaming up his vocalist Ritorukai for his latest outing, 'Human Error 404' stands as one of his most passionate and compelling offerings to date. With more of that rich and riveting emotion he brings to everything he does, he is continuing to cement himself as a true visionary on the new music scene once again.

While this past year has seen him turn out dozens of immersive releases, 'Human Error 404' shows that he is still staying very much on top of his creative game throughout. With a strong and confident grasp over his direction here, it feels like his dominance on the scene is far from over.


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