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Love Ghost x Go Golden Junk - 'Hollywood Blvd'

Photo: Maldito Moreno

After what has already been one of the most prolific runs we have seen in recent years, the enigmatic Love Ghost is now looking to cap off his explosive run of form in 2023 with the infectious new single 'Hollywood Blvd'.

Teaming up with Go Golden Junk for this uplifting new efforts, 'Hollywood Blvd' sees him return to those explosive pop-punk aesthetics he first emerged with. With its rich and heartfelt textures perfectly elevating some stellar hooks throughout, he is seeing out this year in fine form from start to finish.

His repertoire may have been overflowing with dynamic gems these last few months, but 'Hollywood Blvd' shows he is still very much on top of his creative game. With such a bold and driven approach to his direction here, we can't wait to hear what 2024 has in store for him as well.


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