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Love Ghost x Blnko - 'Veneno'

Having already established themselves as two of the more exciting names rising on the alt-rock scene of late, emerging artists Love Ghost and Blnko now team up to deliver their explosive collaboration 'Veneno'.

Channelling a heady mix of vibrant pop-punk aesthetics from start to finish, 'Veneno' makes for an incredibly bold and anthemic listen. With their distinctive directions coming together to create a rapturous offering throughout, they are continuing to cement themselves with this impactful new gem.

While these last few years have certainly been a prolific time for both artists involved, 'Veneno' shows that they are still brimming with fresh and passionate ideas in which to pursue. With such a raw confidence about their sound, we hope that this isn't the only time we get to hear them together in the future as well.


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