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Love Ghost - 'Jealousy'

After establishing themselves with a wealth of bold and immersive offerings these last few years, LA-based outfit Love Ghost, led up by singer and songwriter Finnegan Bell, are back on the grind once again to deliver their soaring new single 'Jealousy'.

Capturing more of that raw and heartfelt alt-rock aesthetic they are known for, 'Jealousy' makes for an incredibly bold and euphoric listen. Jam-packed with vibrant textures, a soaring atmosphere, and killer hooks throughout, they are certainly looking to turn some heads with this emotive new outing.

While these last few years have certainly been a prolific period for the group, 'Jealousy' shows that they still have plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to pursue. WIth such a strong and driven approach to their sound and production, we can't wait to hear what they come back with next.


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