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King Crash - 'Together (Merry Maker)'

After the rousing response to their much-loved collection 'June Snow' earlier this year, New York's King Crash make their eagerly-awaited return with their vibrant new single 'Together (Merry Maker)'.

Capturing more of that bright and kinetic psych-rock energy they have quickly established for themselves, 'Together (Merry Maker)' makes for an incredibly fun return for the group. Despite only a 93 second runtime, their newest outing still packs plenty of punch and immersive aesthetics throughout.

While these last few years have certainly been an extremely busy period for the band, 'Together (Merry Maker)' shows that they are still brimming with fresh and innovative ideas just waiting to be explored. With such a firm and focused approach to their direction throughout, we can't wait to hear what else they have up their sleeve next.


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