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Jane N' The Jungle - 'Cut Me Open'

After what has already been an incredibly prolific few years, which have seen them turn out a wealth of bold an explosive delights, Phoenix's Jane N' The Jungle show they are still on top of their creative game once again as they return with the euphoric new single 'Cut Me Open'.

Bringing back more of that broad and immersive alt-rock aesthetic that has proven so successful for them recently, 'Cut Me Open' signals another shining example of their progressive direction to date. With its bold and anthemic riffs layered against some truly heartfelt vocals throughout, they continue their rise as one of the more enigmatic names on the scene today.

While they have certainly delivered what they are capable on recent releases, 'Cut Me Open' shows they still have plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to explore. With such a thunderous approach to their songwriting and production, it is no wonder so many have been flocking to them of late.


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