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hard life (fka easy life) return with new single 'tears'

Photo: Isaac Lamb

After their well-publicised fallout with easyGroup last year, hard life (formerly known as easy life) are back with their brand new single 'tears'.

The new track marks their first piece of new material under their new moniker, and comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Charlie & Charlie.

Speaking about the new offering, bandleader Murray Matravers said, “Since our pretty public run-in with the well-known airline, my life has been turned upside down a little bit. Everything has been on hold. All of us have had to reassess what the band means to us and come to terms with the idea that everything has a beginning, a middle and indeed, an end. The naive optimism we had in easy life has been swapped for something more raw and, I suppose, authentic. Sitting with my thoughts and going backwards and forwards with IP lawyers, I wrote ‘tears’. It highlights the absurdity of the situation as well as thanking the people who have had my back throughout this whole ordeal. Of course, this song makes me smile, and I suppose that is my way of processing. Anyway, we’re back. Thanks for your patience.”


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