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Gary Dranow - 'Shimmering'

Having already delighted us with a flurry of rich and passionate outings these last few months, US artist and songwriter Gary Dranow continues his vibrant ascent once again with the emotive new single 'Shimmering'.

Honing another heady dose of riveting alt-rock textures for his newest release, 'Shimmering' makes for a wonderfully warm and inviting listen. With his powerful vocal performance spread across a euphoric production at every turn, he is returning to the fold with one of his most impactful efforts to date here.

While these last few months have certainly been an extremely busy time for him, 'Shimmering' shows he is still developing and cultivating new aesthetics for himself to explore. With such a vibrant presence on this new release, he is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.


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