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Gary Dranow - 'Bedroom Mentor'

It hardly feels like there has been a time that US artist Gary Dranow hasn't been turning out new material. And while his prolific run is still going strong into 2024, he is back once again with his anthemic new offering 'Bedroom Mentor'.

Venturing more towards a heavy rock aesthetic this time around, 'Bedroom Mentor' quickly cements itself as one of the more raucous entries in his catalogue so far. Brimming with bold and cacophonous energy at every turn, he is exploding onto the new year in fine form once again.

While it has certainly been a busy period for him of late, 'Bedroom Mentor' is another firm reminder of his adventurous spirit these last few months. Thunderous and uncompromising from beginning to end, this one will have you pumping your fists right from the off.


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