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Foy Vance announces new album 'Signs Of Life'

After making a spectacular return earlier this year, Foy Vance has now announced his plans for his new studio album 'Signs Of Life', which will be released on the 10th September via Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread Man Records / Elektra Records.

The new full-length will include the recent shared cuts 'Sapling' and the record's title-track, and is being previewed by the new uplifting lead single 'Time Stand Still'.

Speaking about the new release, he said, “I had my first extended period off the road after twenty years of constant touring. And I realised: wow, I drink two bottles of wine and at least a half bottle of vodka a day. I’d start the day with codeine to get myself sorted, and I’d smoke joints throughout the day. So I realised: I have so many incredibly bad habits here. I’m showing all the signs of death, getting ashen, grey, smoking more, drinking more, smoking more…I hit a wall. It was my manager that made me get help. And in those moments, you do wish time would stand still. Can’t I just stop here and sit in this moment before I have to take up that mantle?”

Check out 'Time Stands Still' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Signs Of Life' Tracklist:

01. Sapling

02. We Can't Be Tamed

03. Signs Of Life

04. Roman Attack

05. People Are Pills

06. Time Stand Still

07. If Christopher Calls

08. System

09. Hair of The Dog

10. Resplendence

11. Republic Of Eden

12. It Ain't Over

13. Percolate


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