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Dax - 'To Be A Man' ft. Darius Rucker

After originally delighting us with the powerful single 'To Be A Man' in recent months, progressive rapper and artist Dax is now looking to reinvent his recent hit with additional vocals from Darius Rucker.

Much like the original release, this new revamped version of 'To Be A Man' looks to hone in on his more emotive ideals. With its rich and tender aesthetic perfectly elevating the pair's heartfelt vocals from start to finish, he continues to ascend as one of the more innovative names on the scene today.

While there has already been plenty of praise flocking to his first rendition, these new vocals from Darius Rucker certainly bring a more passionate appeal to the track. Brimming with shimmering textures at every turn, he is certainly looking to pull on our heartstrings with this one.

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