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Black Honey preview their new album with 'Believer'

As we continue to wait with baited breath for their highly-anticipated sophomore album 'Written & Directed', which arrives on the 19th March, Black Honey have now kicked off their 2021 with the brilliant new single 'Believer'.

Following on from the recently shared tracks ‘I Like The Way You Die’, 'Run For Cover' and 'Beaches' in supporting the new full-length, 'Believer' makes for a brilliantly bright and shimmering stunner, jam-packed with everything we have come to love them for.

Adding about the new offering, frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips said, “’Believer’ is a song to accompany your existential crisis. I wanted a religious satire that was eye rolling at all the patriarchal nonsense of spiritual sense of self. I wanna believe in me, the outsider and the underdog. It’s like coming of age, coming out and coming up.”

Watch the new video for 'Believer' below.


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