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Ben Kelly - 'Back To You'

After kicking off his new year to deliver his much-loved EPs 'Clingy' and 'Senses', Washington DC-based artist Ben Kelly is continue his prolific start to 2023 with the dreamy new single 'Back To You'.

Bringing back more of that warm and tender R&B-inspired direction he is quickly earning a reputation for, 'Back To You' makes for an incredibly rich and immersive listen. With his broad and heartfelt vocals layered across a glittering production from start to finish, he is certainly cementing himself as one of the more alluring names on the rise right now.

While he may have spent the last few months churning out a wealth of dynamic delights, 'Back To You' still manages to stand out within his expansive catalogue to date. With such a firm and confident grasp over his songwriting already, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take him next.


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