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Baio - 'Dead Hand Control'

Since first announcing his intentions to create a solo project, Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio has always looked to create a strong and defined line between the work of his formative outfit and this newer endeavour. And while they occasionally cross paths, Baio is a far more explorative direction than the commercial anchor of Vampire Weekend.

From the very start, 'Dead Hand Control' looks to make it clear exactly how much free rein he has on this new collection. Even the record's opener and title-track is split in two, with the first half a more upbeat pop-rock avenue before descending into a psychedelic journey all of its own. The intention of this new collection remains unclear throughout, and while that would normally hinder most, it adds this delightful element of surprise to this new collection, giving it a far more exciting and unexpected sound than we first thought.

Chris Baio is obviously an extremely talented producer and songwriter in his own right, and 'Dead Hand Control' is a great example of that. With this untethered approach to his style, there is this dynamic and usually accessible tone that fits throughout all of his work, creating something captivating that really shouldn't work as well as it does.


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