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Giant Killers - 'When This Time Is Over'

Earlier this year, London-based duo Giant Killers released their highly-praised debut album 'Songs For The Small Places', a record that had been created decades earlier and was almost lost to the ether before they managed to revive it. Since then, they have been making great strides in rekindling their initial flame, working together once again to deliver a batch of new offerings in the form of 'When This Time Is Over', an EP that sees them reinvented for today's age.

Much like what their first LP introduced us to, 'When This Time Is Over' sees them venture down that Britpop-inspired rabbithole they first emerged from. Capturing the bright and shimmering textures of their original aesthetic and rebranding it for a modern ear, their newest four-track collection makes for a brilliantly warm and inviting listen, brimming with this alluring flow that never lets up.

The band have clearly been reinvigorated by the success of their recent full-length, bringing much of that same flair and finesse to this new release. Continuing their adventurous and innovative streak once again, 'When This Time Is Over' marks a compelling addition to their quickly growing repertoire to date.


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