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Anna Barrowman - 'Running Out Of Time'

After spending the last few months building and cultivating her sound, London-based artist Anna Barrowman is now ready to introduce herself to the wider world as she delivers her captivating debut single 'Running Out Of Time'.

Lifted from her forthcoming debut EP 'Mallinson Rd', which is set to arrive soon, 'Running Out Of Time' makes for an immersive introduction to her sound so far. With her rich and emotive vocal style layered across a shimmering pop production from start to finish, she is kicking things off with a beautifully alluring opening number here.

While her journey may just have gotten underway, 'Running Out Of Time' shows that she is brimming with plenty of fresh and enticing ideas in which to pursue. With such a confident grasp over her aesthetic already, we can't wait to hear what this new EP has in store for us as well.


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