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Zachary Booth - 'HBD!'

After following up his much-loved 2020 debut EP 'Letters To Clara' with the stunning outings 'Sunflower Fields' and 'Bliss' in recent years, LA-based artist Zachary Booth now makes his eagerly-awaited return with the shimmering new single 'HBD!'

Capturing more of that bright and sun-kissed pop aesthetic he built for himself since he first emerged, 'HBD!' makes for an incredibly fresh and uplifting listen. With his light and airy vocal performance layered across a glittering production from start to finish, he is returning with one of his most enticing releases to date here.

Although this new delight arrives after a two-year break from the artist at the helm, 'HBD!' shows that he is still brimming with warm and inviting ideas in which to pursue. With such a firm and confident approach to his sound throughout, we can't wait to hear what else he has been working on during his time away as well.


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