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Yunger - 'Smile'

Photo: Bernhard Ullrich

After spending the last few years building up his reputation for fresh and alluring folk-pop gems, Vienna-based singer-songwriter Younger returns once again to offer up his toe-tapping new single 'Smile'.

Lifted from his forthcoming new album 'Of Hopes & Dreams', which is out on the 1st October, 'Smile' makes for a wonderfully fresh and uplifting listen. With his bright and upbeat approach to his direction, mixed with some brilliantly infectious hooks throughout, this is one we will find ourselves coming back to again and again.

While his sound remains rooted in the nostalgic feel of 1960s indie-folk, Yunger has still managed to revive it for a modern ear. With such a bold and dynamic approach to his songwriting, we can't wait to hear what this new album has in store for us as well.


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