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xGCA - 'Caught In A Lie'

After establishing his sound with his initial offerings 'Heartbreak' and 'NOVOCAINE' in recent years, New York-based artist xGCA is back on the grind once again to deliver his soaring new single 'Caught In A Lie'.

Capturing more of that warm and dreamy alt-pop direction he is quickly building for himself, 'Caught In A Lie' makes for a brilliantly inventive listen throughout. With his broad and soaring vocals layered across a euphoric production from start to finish, he is certainly looking to turn some heads with this mesmerising new release.

While he may only have a handful of efforts under his belt to date, 'Caught In A Lie' shows that he is brimming with fresh and alluring textures in which to explore. With such a firm and confident grasp over his direction already, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take him next.


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