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Xander Moon - 'Hi - Fives'

Photo: Jakob Esterbauer

After breaking through with a mesmerising array of gems these last few months, including the sultry offerings 'Ordinary Life' and 'Apartments', Austrian artist Xander Moon is looking to continue his soaring ascent with the captivating new release 'Hi - Fives'.

Bringing back more of that warm and tender direction he is known for, 'Hi - Fives' makes for a brilliantly powerful listen. With his rich and alluring vocal performance riding a bed of sombre production throughout, he is establishing himself as one of the more passionate names emerging right now.

While his journey has only just begun, Xander Moon is already showcasing prowess and confidence far beyond his years. With such a fresh and inviting sound running throughout his material to date, we can't wait to hear what he comes back with next.


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