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Wrené - 'Deflect, Dissolve'

Photo: Aaron Sambey

Following on from an impressive run of releases throughout the last few years, including her highly-praised EP 'Transmuting Darkness' last year, fast-rising Canadian artist Wrené now returns for 2023 to deliver her soaring new single 'Deflect, Dissolve'.

Bringing back more of that dense and atmospheric aesthetic she has built for herself, 'Deflect, Dissolve' makes for a wonderfully enticing listen. With its warm and passionate textures, ethereal tones, and her own mesmerising voice at the helm, she is returning with one of her most impactful efforts to date.

While she has certainly made a serious mark since arriving on the scene, 'Deflect, Dissolve' shows that there is still plenty of creative fire burning within her. With such a strong and confident approach to her sound throughout, we can't wait to hear what she has in store for us this year as well.

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