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Wild Horse - 'Cougar'

Photo: Andrew Porter

After spending much of the last few years building and developing a wonderfully distinctive direction for themselves, Brighton-based trio Wild Horse return for 2023 to deliver their swaggering new single 'Cougar'.

Capturing more of that rich and enigmatic pop-rock aesthetic they are known for, 'Cougar' make for a brilliantly fresh and inviting listen. With its smooth and breezy flow matched perfectly against some instantly infectious vocals from start to finish, this lot are kicking off their new year with one of their most alluring releases to date.

Although these last few years have certainly been prolific for the group, 'Cougar' shows that there is still plenty of fresh and exciting ideas buried within them. With such a confident approach to their sound and direction throughout, we hope to hear more of this in the months to come as well.


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