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Welsh Avenue - 'Feather In My Hat'

Photo: Anna Guerrero

After delighting us with a rich and vibrant array of releases over the last few years, Austin-based artist Mark DiLillo aka Welsh Avenue is back once again to unveil his brilliantly shimmering new single 'Feather In My Hat'.

Taking his cues from the bold and heartfelt piano-ballads of recent decades, 'Feather In My Hat' stands as a wonderfully bright and embracing return. With his warm and glittering persona bouncing around a passionate piano-led production throughout, this one will certainly look to pull on your heartstrings as often as possible.

Despite such a varied array of gems under his belt already, 'Feather In My Hat' really stands out amongst his work so far. With its rising atmosphere and raw drive layered start from finish, he is definitely one to keep a firm eye on in the months ahead.


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