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We Are Scientists announce new album 'Huffy'

Following up the enormous support for their 2018 LP 'Megaplex', We Are Scientists have now returned to announce the details behind their new studio album 'Huffy', which arrives on the 8th October via 100% Records.

The new full-length is being previewed by the energetic new lead single 'Contact High'.

Speaking about the new offering, frontman Keith Murray said, "Love songs can easily be goofy and embarrassing, and so I sometimes have a hard time writing songs that are unambiguously romantic. Contact High really nails that heady rush of full-throttle infatuation for me, though, because it evokes my trifecta of mood-altering stimuli — dizzying romantic interaction, rousing music, and second-hand contact with psychoactive chemicals (in descending order of personal preference)."

Have a listen to 'Contact High' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Huffy' Tracklist:

1 - You’ve Lost Your Shit

2 - Contact High

3 - Handshake Agreement

4 - I Cut My Own Hair

5 - Just Education

6 - Sentimental Education

7 - Fault Lines

8 - Pandemonium

9 - Bought Myself A Grave

10 - Behavior Unbecoming

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