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Venior - 'Curtains Fall'

Photo: Celeste Call

After spending the last few months unveiling a flurry of fresh and exciting gems since the release of her 'Free-K' EP last year, Berlin-based Finnish artist Venior is back once again to deliver her broad and sensual new offering 'Curtains Fall'.

Lifted from her forthcoming debut album, which is set to arrive early next year, 'Curtains Fall' makes for a wonderfully rich and alluring listen. Channelling the bold and sprawling alt-pop aesthetics of fellow Scandinavians AURORA and Bjork, her newest effort showcases exactly why so many have been lapping praise on her work to date.

With such an expansive collection of releases under her belt already, 'Curtains Fall' stands as one of her most captivating and shimmering so far. Her rich and powerful voice floats across a mesmerisingly ethereal production, giving us a truly engaging and enticing aural experience.


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