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Ubiquity Machine - 'Betty And Steve'

After recently releasing their much-loved debut album 'Where We Are And Where We Want To Be', Washington DC-based duo Ubiquity Machine are back at it once again to deliver their woozy new single 'Betty And Steve'.

Adopting more of that warm and shimmering indie-rock aesthetic they have earned a reputation for over the years, 'Betty And Steve' makes for an incredibly rich and inviting return to form for the pair. With its bright and alluring textures, sweeping atmosphere, and wondrous vocals layered throughout, they are certainly looking to slap a smile on our face with this one.

While these last few years have been a busy and prolific time within their career, 'Betty And Steve' still leaves a lasting impression on their ever-growing repertoire to date. With such a firm and focused approach to their songwriting and production, we can't wait to hear what else they have planned for the months ahead as well.


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